Davis High School Marching Band


The Davis High Marching band had their first invitational on the 18th of September. They got judged by several judges, and were told different things that they could do a bit better for their upcoming competition on Saturday the 22nd.

The Davis High marching band works hard every week Monday-Thursday, to prepare their field show. They take their work very seriously, and love “the feeling you get when you take that final step of the show. You know you’ve created something beautiful, you’ve become one with 200+ of your peers. And it feels amazing.” They start with the basics every day at the beginning of their rehearsal. From there, they work hard for the rest of practice to have the ability to create music and visuals, that impact everyone who watches it.

As a rookie coming into the band, I personally was extremely terrified for High School. But I soon came to realize I had nothing to be worried about. Lexie Snell states it perfectly:

“If you think about the scariest part about going into high school, it’s usually not having friends or not understanding your homework. But, with marching band you have an unlimited supply of knowledge from upperclassmen and you instantly gain 200 plus friends who will stick up and look out for you at all times.”

The band this year has a different director, Mr.Crookston. They still have their traditions, but they have newfound traditions they love as well. Mr. Crookston has impacted the band greatly, he fully intends to help the band become the best they can possibly be.

The Davis High Marching Band values each and every one of their players. Each member has a vital role in the show, and without every single one of them it is very difficult to function as a band.

The Band as a whole is a team of winds, percussion, and Color Guard. They stick up for one another, and help each and every one of their members become a better member of the band program. Head drum major Lexie snell states, the first word that comes to her mind when someone says marching band is, ““Family. Band is my family, I wouldn’t be able to live without them. The band room is my home, and for that i am forever grateful.”