Teacher Spotlight: Cory Borup

Dallin Nelson

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January 21, 2020


Davis has some amazing teachers, but some of them don’t fully get the recognition they
deserve. Cory Borup is a Spanish teacher at Davis High and has taught here for 14
years as well as an additional 6 years before Davis.

He also teaches at Weber State, which is insane, but he still finds time to go to the gym every day! In his
free time, he loves going to the gym and spending time with his family. When he retires,
he is going to buy an RV and travel the world with his family. He says there is nothing
he would rather be doing right now than teaching.

Borup enjoys teaching at Davis because of the atmosphere and the maturity of high schoolers as they get older. He
likes being able to teach deeper concepts; it connects to a more mature audience. I thought it was interesting to see some of Borup’s thoughts, and even in such a short interview, I learned a lot!

I go to school with his son and daughter, Eli and Sadie. I mostly hang out with Sadie and she is really cool. Hopefully I can take a class from him soon and see for myself how great he is.