The 2019 Mountain bike season comes to a close


Photo cred: @davis_high_mtb

Katlyn Mugleston

The mountain bike season comes to a close right before the bitter cold front hit. The last race at the Wasatch Invitational was exciting and action packed and truely a sight to be seen. Davis placed 11th in state and Corner Canyon snagged the first place position.

Some of the top bikers at state were Colton Desmond, Kennedy Taintor, Ethan Call, Liam Peel, and Taylor Whitely. William Brown is somebody to look out for and will definitly place high in some of next years races, also look out for Sam Liffereth and Blake Jacobsen

Reporters spoke with Ethan Call and asked him a few question about how it was like to bike for davis and being a senior on the team. He took 34th in state racing as a varsity biker.

“Biking for davis wasn’t just a hobbie but fun, it felt super satisfying and fulfilling. It was also very sad since it was my last race. I was bummed but happy at the same time.”

The moutain biking team didn’t do as well as they wanted to but they are excited for next year and are aiming to improve their ranking with last years young talent!