Malachi The Magnificent

Devin Forster

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January 10, 2020

CHI THE ROCK CLIMBER. Edwards. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Malachi Edwards, also known as “frog boi chi”. Malachi loves to climb rocks. He has always had a big passion for climbing ever since he was little. When chi was little he remembers he always loved to climb to the top of very tall trees and thought he was at the top of the world, nothing to worry about. When chi was just 13 he competed in a regional tournament in UT, and then divisional against Colorado an even more in Wyoming.

Chi also loves to snowboard and skate, chi has both of these things down to a science. His stepbrother Eli Quackenbush is a professional longboarder and competes in downhill competitions around the state. So chi has all these things in his blood. When me and Chi skate, he will say he’s going to do a trick and then he will not stop until he gets it. Once he gets it he will either want to go or keep skating depending on his tiredness.

When first meeting chi, things were a little awkward. We both just stared at each other and making eye contact every once in a while. It was just awkward. Before leaving the house, I said bye to everyone and gave Chi a high five.

“Later bro it was nice meeting you lets hang out again”

Said Chi, and the rest is history.