Davis Suffers in Late Region Loss


Haley Lowery

The Davis High football team suffered another devastating loss last Friday against Roy Highschool. With the final score of 32-26, Davis put up a good fight throughout the whole game. The game took place at our home field, which seemed to make the loss even worse.  

Although we lost, the game was certainly an interesting one to watch. Davis was behind in the first half of the game and winning the game seemed unlikely at that point. However, Davis made a huge comeback in the 3rd quarter and even managed to pull ahead of Weber! The possibility of a win seemed likely at this point and filled the whole stadium with hope. However, in the 4th quarter, Weber managed to gain a lead that enabled them to win the game. The loss of this game stung more because of how close we were to winning, and the fact that we were at our home stadium. 

Although Davis was not able to take the win, our team still played exceptionally well. Our Davis Highschool football team is ranked #12th in the state of Utah out of all the 6A schools! This is a good rank, and our team should be immensely proud of the way that they have performed this year. 

The theme that was chosen for the student section this past week was a “Pink out”. This was chosen to represent Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and pink flags were used by referees during the game for the same reason.  

Our last football game is on October 9th on our home field against Fremont! Davis Highschool is confident that our boys will be able to dominate and claim the win.