Player Spotlight – Ben Haggard

The Legend of Ben Haggard


Cameron Piacente, Writer

Ben Haggard is a quiet kid, but being 6’3”, you always notice when he comes in the room. And yes of course he plays basketball.

Ben is a Senior captain on the Davis High Basketball Team. He is 17 years old and plans on serving a mission after this year of school.

“I’m planning on going on a mission for two years, so I think not playing for two years straight and I won’t have a lot of time to adjust when I get back, too. There’s a lot of good players out there,” Ben said of possible recruiting challenges.

Although he may not be the state’s number one prospect, Ben still hopes to play basketball in his future. Whether he walks on or is offered to somewhere, his passion for the game could lead him onto the roster at some of Utah’s top colleges.

“I’ve been accepted to Utah State, Utah, SUU, and Westminster. It just depends on whether I want to go to a smaller school and play or go to a bigger school and maybe not play,” said Ben of making his college choice.

Ben began playing basketball when he was six years old and he was taken with it from the start. Not just because he is big or talented, but for the joy of the game.

“In first grade my dad signed me up for rec basketball and I just loved it; it was like my favorite thing ever. I was obsessed with it,” said Ben of the start of his love for basketball.

Basketball may not be what fills the fridge for Ben Haggard in the future, but it does fill him. Whether it is his potential on the court or his potential in the workforce, potential is a great word to go with Ben Haggard.