D’Ettes asking for newcomers

Landon LeBaron, Reporter


The D’Ettes are one of Davis’ great athletic programs and are looking for girls interested to try out. Two team captains, Kylee Badger and Alyssa Woolley talk about what it means to be a D’Ette.

“First things first, you have to sacrifice lots of your time for the program,” Badger said.

Sacrificing lots of time to tryout for athletic programs does make a difference instead of waiting until the last minute.

“Some people come anyways just to try out, but if you start getting, it will hopefully help you get better,” Badger said.

Competitions are a huge part for the D’Ettes as well. Woolley says competitions are very important to prepare for.

“We prepare for competitions every year and everyone knows that we preform at halftime, but in the summer we go through competition routines and region is our biggest one,” Woolley said.

To be a D’Ette, it takes sacrifice, flexibility, hard work, and lots of moves to practice.

“We practice flips and turns every day and also have a count off to make sure everyone’s there,” Badger said.

Woolley says there are skill routines to get better with the turns and the flips.

“We have those dance routines and all the skills in them. We take those skills to perfect those routines,” Woolley said.

There will be an optional Tryout Clinic on February 24 @ 5:30 pm in the auxiliary gym.  D’Ette tryouts will be held March 2-6 with clinics Monday-Thursday from 3:30-4:30 and tryouts on Friday at 3:30 pm in the auxiliary gym. Badger and Woolley say being apart of the D’Ettes is a great way to show pride for Davis High School.