Powderpuff Allows Lady Darts to Experience Football

Tayler Beever

Lauren Rice, reporter

As a school, Davis students are very passionate about football. They gather on Friday nights to watch the boys defend the Davis High Tradition. Girls haven’t had the same opportunity to play football, however this year two Davis High Powderpuff teams were organized, the Junior Team and the Senior Team.

Powderpuff, while it is still football, it’s very different from what boys play. The girls only played on half the field, with the same end zone for both teams. Powderpuff is played as flag football rather than tackle, but that doesn’t stop the girls from being just as competitive.

“There’s no pads, so there’s some pushing and stuff. There’s use of flags, but more contact I feel like, in a different way.” senior Natalie O. said.

Even with their differences, there are a few similarities as well. At the Powderpuff game there were cheerleaders, although they weren’t quite what you’d expect. A cheer squad for each team, seniors and juniors, cheered them on as they played. Calling the same cheers as they do at games. The girls have assigned positions on the team, there’s a quarterback, nose guard, running back, and many other positions just like tackle football.

“I like powderpuff just because it’s fun. It’s fun to play a sport for just a week, do something fun, and play with a different variety of girls.” senior Whitney W. said.

The girls joined Powderpuff this year to have fun, meet new people, become better players, and show Davis High pride.