Wrestling Team Focuses on Upcoming Season


The 2017-2018 wrestling season started November 6, featuring Bo Roundy as the wrestling coach who plans to take the Davis High team to state this year.

“We use USA wrestling as an opportunity to get extra matches outside of the normal wrestling season, we have a weight lifting and a wrestling class… which helps us learn the skill and the sport as well as get in shape,” Roundy said.

A challenge foreseen this year is beating Layton, Davis’ biggest rival not only in wrestling but many other sports. It will be hard to compete against the teams in our region, being in a new division and with other well-equipped teams.

“We’ve got really tough competition from our region; our region is extremely talented,” Roundy said.

Roundy takes it in his hands to motivate the wrestlers. By doing this, he gets to know the kids and challenges them individually. By doing this, the coach shows his dedication and care for the team.

“Getting to know the kids and finding out what motivate them helps,” Roundy said.