Grace Banana Barker

Grace Banana Barker

Derek Hansen

Davis High Senior Grace Barker is an incredible person in many ways. She knows how to talk to anyone and she is extremely kind and loves sharing her music to anyone who wants it. She just turned 18 and loves being in nature, like watching sun rises with her close friend Derek Hansen.

Grace is taking classes this year trying to pursue her dream, becoming a Hollywood journalist. She is preparing herself to get this job and be ready now by taking advanced English, creative writing, and journalism.

Grace is very passionate about music and is constantly listening to all kinds of new sounds that perfectly fit her mood. She is a fragile person who is not one to do dangerous things, therefor she has never broken a bone or had stitches. Her first year of High School she attended Layton instead of Davis, but decided to switch her junior year because she had more friends and heard it was better, which she found out quickly that it was.

“The environment at Davis is very academically prioritized and challenging. That’s something that is good for me.” Says Barker.

Her current employment is at a restaurant in Morgan called “The Post” , working for her Grandmother. On the weekends if she isn’t working or with her family, she likes to be with her group of friends and take pictures outside. They always like going new places and meeting new people, always expanding their social life. Grace says her spirit animal is a bird, not always going with the wind, she chooses what she wants to do.

“I’m a non-conformist, I like to go against the grain, my teacher don’t love that but I love that about me.” States Barker

Lastly, she finds motivation and inspiration from her favorite movies and artists, along with nature. She also would advise other high school students to always be social and meet as many people as you can, talk and hang out with them, and always be nice to them. Additionally, take Frey’s Journalism Class!!!