Team Rock it rocks hard at Battle of the Bands

[slideshow]The cliché rock and roll event of the year, Battle of the Bands, has finally arrived, and this year Team Rock it is hoping they’ll rock hard.

“Our goal is just to have fun, and I’d say we’re probably going to do that.” said senior Spencer Hafen.

Team Rock it didn’t have much time to prepare for the first battle of the bands in the commons, but they were still good enough to make it to the regional competition.

“We only found out five days before, but considering that I think we did good.” Said Hafen.

“We feel really prepared this time around so it should go great.” said Dallin Johnson.

Aside from making it into the regional competition, they are also well liked by many in the student body.

“I think they have great potential. They’re all nice young men, well groomed, and if I was a girl, I’d date them.” said Jace Gillies, a self-proclaimed Team Rock it fan.