Arwen Ukena: Social and Academic Superstar


Brielle Schrader, Writer

You’ll never meet anyone quite like Arwen Ukena. This Hufflepuff-Aquarius knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is very outgoing and says ” I would rather choke on a spoon than be unoriginal.” She is one of the funniest people I know, and she makes everyone around her laugh with her sarcasm and wit.

Arwen spent her summer scooping ice cream at her local Farr’s before covid-19 shut it down. Now she spends her time making art, spending time with friends, swimming laps, and doing homework. Her favorite color is grey-blue and her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Her favorite movie is Clue and her favorite book is “I Want to Go Home” by Gordon Korman. Arwen is very artistic and loves to make projects in her ceramics class. Arwen loves sunny weather but can’t wait to go skiing when winter comes.

Like most of the students at Davis High, Arwen was born and raised in Utah and is looking forward to her senior year. She is enrolled in CE and AP classes and was awarded a high honor roll last year. She strives for perfection and is a great role model for other students. A quote she would like to share with Davis High is:

“Don’t waist your life before you expire.”

Arwen hopes to travel the world and gain new experiences when she graduates high school. Her biggest goal is to improve her many skills and to live her life to its full potential. Arwen is a beautiful person inside and out. You can always count on her to help you through any tough situation. She gives the best advice, and is there when you need her.

“She stands up for what she believes in, she’s determined, and she’s honest.”- Savanah Schrader.