Davis high hunting prodigy

Utah has an abundance of elk, according to Wildlife.utah.gov.,  no other state produces the amount of record-book elks. Bryan Sorensen is just one of the many teachers at Davis High that enjoys the sport these ‘record-book elk’ bring. “I started hunting when I was 14, and have loved hunting and being in the outdoors ever since.” Sorensen said he also enjoys taking his kids hunting as well. “All my children have gone with since they were ten, and have fond memories of being out with their Dad.”

As Sorensen’s children grew up, he asked Claire, his daughter, if she would like to get her hunter safety and start applying for hunting tags, and she said yes. Eventually she was lucky enough to get a Kaparowits/Boulder Mountain Bull Elk limited entry tag. “Claire was very fortunate to draw such an awesome tag.” Mr. Sorensen said. The morning before the hunt opened Sorensen and Claire drove down to set up camp. Sorensen said “[we] set up a really nice camp with wall tent, wood stove, and the works.”

The next morning they began their hunt. They made their way up the canyon, about a mile from camp, using elk calls every once in a while to find one worth the shot. About 45 minutes into the hunt they found one in the thick pines. Deciding it was a big enough elk, Claire took the shot from about 75 yards, and after waiting a few minutes to make sure the elk was down they went to take a closer look. “We were amazed at the mass of the antlers, the length of the tines, and the over all huge rack on this bull. Claire had just taken the bull of a lifetime.” Mr. Sorensen said. “It is big enough to go in the record books, and there will be plenty of elk meat for our entire family for over a year. Hunting is a tradition in our family, and this hunt was a great part of that, and the memories will be shared for years to come…the year Claire took a bull bigger than her Dad, uncles, cousins, and friends. Beginner’s luck at it’s best!”