DTV is the best TV 


Doug Devore, Writer

Every Wednesday at Davis High you can count on watching DTV to brighten up your day. There is an interesting story that can be shared with the whole school.  

“I like doing DTV because it is a class that has a lot of freedom. I have it with a lot of friends, so we basically just get to hang out the whole class,” Sam Larson explained.  

School becomes a lot easier when you can enjoy a class with friends. DTV is the perfect class to take with your friends so you can spend time with them while exploring different interests in school.  

“I was able to make a story on Greg Johnson. I love Greg so it was nice to be able to show my love for him to the whole school,” Larson happily explained.  

Sam Larson, showing his appreciation for Greg, is a notable example of what can help bring the school together. The school can bond and come together while seeing and appreciating Greg Johnson.  

“At first it was supposed to be a cornhole tournament, but it turned into me winning every time. It just became me playing cornhole with a bunch of different people,” Dane Langpap excitedly explained how his own segment on DTV came to be.  

Cornhole with Dane is one of the best segments on DTV. It allows people to talk and get to know each other through a simple game. Bonding and getting to know someone by playing cornhole is great because it shows students different ways to practice social skills and how to get to know others better.  

DTV is a staple of Davis High. It allows many students to express themselves in different ways. Many students get to learn about different clubs and other extracurricular activities that are happening at the school and opens doors for students to make new friends.