Swims regions; A Davis success


    This year the swim team had their region swim meat at South Davis Recreation center on Friday, February 4. Both the Boys and Girls placed second and overall came in first.

    The team overall had some incredible swims from both the boys and the girls team.

    One of these notable swims came from Allie Allen who took of 12 seconds off of her 500 freestyle and took 2nd in the event

    Most of the swimmers felt extremely proud of there individual performance. Olivia Carlson, a senior, said “I did amazing. I dropped time in both of my events. I also completed my goal that I set from Freshman year to break 30 seconds in the 50 freestyle.”

    The girls team was hoping to take first place, however, were somewhat disappointed but happy with there close second. “I wish we could have taken regions once since we have always been so close since freshman year, but winning isn’t the only way to measure success and we were really good at supporting each other and building up the team spirit.” says Carlson.

    Now that the season is over the seniors are looking back at there time on the team and how much fun they have had. Olivia Carlson says “I cant pin point a certain memory that has been my favorite but I will always remember my team throughout the years and the support through the highs and lows.”

    After regions the swim team had a successful trip to state were faced off against powerful competition. The girls ended up finishing in 5th place and the boys finished in 11th.