Bo Roundy: Coach of the Year


Charlie Zaugg, Writer

Bo Roundy, or Coach Roundy as most of his history students know him, is one of the most passionate coaches here at Davis High School. But most of his students only know him as a great teacher.

He was voted coach of the year this year for pushing his wrestling students to have an amazing season. Davis High School placed 11 wrestlers this season, three finalists, and one champion all under the guidance of Coach Roundy.

When asked about his goals coming into the season, he said, “We set out to be region champs and came very close to that goal. We always want to have fun and enjoy the process of competition and of winning and losing!” Coach Roundy loves to win but also understands that having fun and enjoying the competition is more important. That’s what makes him stand out from other coaches.

One thing that was a big obstacle for Coach Roundy and his team this year was Covid-19. It was stressful for them to be testing at all times and trying to be as safe as possible while still having a great wrestling season.

“We were careful about our interactions. We changed our warm-ups and routines to make a more careful and safe environment for the wrestlers.”

Coach Roundy handled the situation very well by making practices and meets safe for everyone on his team and other teams. They didn’t lose a single wrestler to Covid-19 during the season.

“Coach of the year was so nice. I cried as my name was announced and I feel so proud of my team. Essentially coach of the year is a reflection on the achievements of my wrestling team, really!”

After being awarded coach of the year he shared his award with his team. It shows how proud he is of them and of all the achievements they got this year.

There isn’t a more deserving person out there for coach of the year than Bo Roundy.