2021 Davis Lacrosse Season

2021 has been a very successful season so far for Davis Boys Lacrosse team. Currently on a 5 game winning streak, they have 10 wins and only one loss placing them number one in the 6A region.

Jordan Phelps, Davis High School senior and varsity starter says he couldn’t have asked for a better team this year. When asked how he feels the season is going so far he replied, “Going very well, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to be playing with. A lot of chemistry flowing through this group on and off the field, which has only made us an even more threatening team to fear.”

Phelps, says the only problem they have faced this year has been within themselves. As a team they have struggled with focusing and coming out in the first half. For the first few games they were a second half team relying on their talent and effort to finish off what they should’ve started first half. However, Phelps feels that they’ve worked very hard and it is no longer a problem deep into the season.

Jordan Phelps feels as if there are no real challenges left in the season, “We definitely have boosted our confidence and we expect to win the rest of our region games, we feel as if the season is on lock down and our only downfall could be ourselves.”

When asked what the future of the team looks like for upcoming years Phelps states, “Our best player on the team currently is a junior, but one kid cannot carry the whole team. The following years have the potential to be great, but only if the younger players are able to fill the shoes of the graduating senior class.”

The one thing Phelps wanted to add was, “There has been an amazing amount of support this year, and we couldn’t ask for better fans. We play better when there is more people and we also seem to play harder.” So make sure to get out and support your Davis High’s Boys Lacrosse team.