Derek Miller shares life story

Derek Miller shares life story

Tate Archibald, Writer

Derek Miller, the Digital media, photography, and DTV teacher shares his personal life and the people that supported him along his way.

At the young age of 15, his mom had bought Adobe Photoshop on their one and only home computer. This sparked an interest into design and photography at a very young age. At first, his mother would help him do these things like take photos and help him use photoshop but after a while, he was able to do it on his own and did that in most of the free time that he had.

“My mom bought photoshop when it first came out when I was 15 and I immediately loved it.” Said Derek Miller

By just the end of that year, almost ever day after school, he would come home and would immediately get on Photoshop to create amazing pieces of art and make incredible things. By the end of high school, he was already getting small jobs designing wedding announcements, party flyers, and anything of that sort.

Fast forward some years and he has made this into his life. He works full time designing and taking photos from local business to large companies. But throughout all of this, the two people that never let him down, were his mother and wife. They helped him and supported them through his entire life no matter the circumstances.

“My wife has supported me the most and helped me the whole time.” Miller says.

Miller has worked at Davis High school for 5 years and teaches 3 classes. Digital media, photography, and DTV. In his free time, he likes to sleep, eat, and take photos. He also takes small side gigs like what he did in his high school years. He loves teaching at Davis and loves the students and loves to connect with them using different methods like DTV, digital media, and photography.

“One of the most rewarding parts of teaching at Davis and being a teacher in general is the students and getting to see them progress.” Miller comments about being a teacher.

In the end, Miller has had a very successful life and career and still has lots of time ahead of him. He will most likely continue to teach and inspire more and more students to get into the things that he loves to do and open them up to a whole new world of art and media. This should be the main goal of teaching he believes. Teachers should be able to touch the heart of every student and be able to spark a new interest in the students.