Positives of high school sports

    Easton Baggett

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    Positives of high school sports

    High school sports are a very important part to teenagers life all over the country. Playing high school sports allows students to adapt and learn life lessons. Relationships are created throughout all the years of playing sports for the high school.

    Relationships are one of the most important parts of life, the most important relationships you will create in your life are from high school sports. Over the years many students have made friendships that are already changing there life.

    “Playing football has already started to play and affect on my social life, the friends I hangout with throughout the week are the friends I made from football.” Said Hank Wright.

    High school sports allows students to gather in groups whiling being in a great environment. Sports allow students to learn great life lessons that can shape a person into them best self. Coaches all over the world are teaching discipline and hard work ethics.

    “Playing baseball has shaped me into a hard worker, some days become very hard and tough but learning lessons from baseball have allowed me to except the challenge. Before learning lessons from baseball it would  have been hard to except the challenges but from playing baseball I can just attack now.” Said Wally Grant.

    High school sports has many positives and is highly recommended, it comes with many positives. If the only positive a student got from it was the social aspect, that is still a great thing to be proud of knowing they stretch there social awareness into making new friends.

    “At first I didn’t know very many people but by the first few practices I was friends with the entire team, these are my best friends to this day.” Said Grant.