Comic-Con hits Salt Lake City


Comic-Con has recently been introduced to Salt Lake city, and has been growing dramatically in size. The first year it opened 70,000 people attended, the year before 100,000 people attended. The attendance for this year is supposed to be even higher.

Comic-Con is a convention, the convention is mostly about comic book and fandoms and people dress up in cosplay. Also famous actors, writers, and artists come and meet and greet. Some people come for the famous actors, writers, and artists but others come for the booths. The booths hold vendors, the vendors vary in commodities.

They can range from T-shirts to Swords and everything in between. There are also a lot of games, tournaments, and entertainment for everyone that comes. There are Games such as Magic (a popular card game) being played, there are tournaments such as Super Smash Brothers (a popular video game), for entertainment last year they had a “Wrestling League” come and entertain everyone that comes. While the Famous actors, writers, and artists are there they hold panels where you can ask them questions you have about their life or what’s next for them.

Comic-Con has something for everyone, that is why it has been ranked in the top 10.