Heart Week to the Rescue

Landon LeBaron, Reporter

Every year during the 2nd or 3rd week in February, The United States holds and event called Heart Week. One of Davis High’s Counselors, Truman Carver makes a statement on how we can support New Zealand.

“We are all human beings. We can support each other.” Carver said.

New Zealand’s biggest killer is the cardiovascular disease, a deadly disease that can shut down the heart and has been the killer in New Zealand for many years.

“Immediately, we should help them out.” Carver said.

Since Heart Week is on the weekend on Valentine’s Day, it’s the time to show love for others by doing simple acts of kindness like the ones in need in New Zealand, Carver said.

“We can say hello, or give a handshake to them.” Carver said.

Heart Week has made people’s lives better by using charity and money to give to the people in New Zealand. Through February 13th and the 14th, a group of volunteers from the U.S. Sends hundreds of volunteers to New Zealand and give them money for charity against the cardiovascular disease and with charity, people can make lives better and change the world