School lunch provides nutrition and guidance


School lunch already provides reduced pricing to students, but there is a way that students can get lunch for an even lower cost. Students can volunteer their time to help serve for the first part of lunch in exchange for food.

“They get a free lunch and they also get an extra item, whatever they like,” Cafeteria Manager Janalee Perlac said. “It only takes ten to fifteen minutes, and we’re through with our serving.”

The program is in part targeted at students that may have a hard time paying for lunch, but any student can come and help out.

“Some of the students just like to volunteer their time and they enjoy coming in,” Perlac said. “Plus they get the extra food, and they like that.”

Many of the students that help to serve lunch have experience with it from junior high, but the staff also posts announcements in the cafeteria near the beginning of the year.

“If we didn’t have our student workers, the lines would really go slower,” Perlac said. “It really is a great service, and it helps us out tremendously.”