Mountain Biking Club

Brock Averett


Alexandria Cooley, Reporter

The Mountain Biking Club would describe themselves as ‘fun, hard work, and a party” according to Jillian Tanner, one of the team captains. The club is competing in the NICA (National Inter-Scholastic Cycling Association; which includes over 1,400 riders, with 65 of them being from Davis High. The captains of the club are Alec Schooley, Matt Jenson, Jillian Tanner, and Trini Olds. The club makes sure to get in lots of practice.

“We meet on Thursdays and Saturdays,” Says Tanner, “Basically, we practice skills, so: cornering, going downhill really fast, and climbing. We just ride, long and hard. It’s really fun.”

Racers of the club find that they build strong relationships with their teammates, and that being on the club motivates them to exercise.

“It’s just a good way to exercise, get out and make friends.” says Tanner, “I’ve made a lot of friends from all over the state.”

“It’s just something fun to do after school and over the summer,” Says Seth Dana, a Junior Varsity Racer, “It’s a team sport where everyone can participate, and there’s no bench, and everyone just cheers on everyone.”

Being on the Mountain Biking Team has really influenced some of the racers lives. They’ve even considered a future in mountain biking.

“All the time.” Says Tanner, “I want to do downhill mountain bike racing; once I get into college.”

The Mountain Biking Club has already competed in two races, and is looking forward to the remainder of the season.

“I trained all summer long, so I’m feeling pretty good,” Says Dana, “Our next race is in Moab in two weeks.”