Daycare Benefits Teachers and Students

Mason Hall

Izzy Fluhrer, Reporter

There is much more to daycare than babysitting kids. Deep down, it is all about growth. Between the ages of one and six, children are taking in a lot of information which includes learning how to eat, share toys, listen to directions, and determine right from wrong.

“The kids help me learn to be more patient and how to multi-task. Sometimes you have to be helping a child while cleaning up a mess,” assistant helper Avalon White said.

With all of these children taking in so much information in so little time, it is crucial that they are provided with a good environment where they can express themselves freely under the protection of trusted individuals.

[The kids] need to have meaningful activities. They need to have age-appropriate interaction, they need to be safe, healthy, their bodies need to be taken care of. They need to be diapered, fed, those kind of things,” Daycare Teacher Ms.Chesmer said.

Daycare is where parents drop off their kids for the day so they can go to work. Without work, a lot of people would not be able to afford a house and food. Children need many things during these crucial years of their lives, and it is important that parents can work so the kids have the necessities they need at home.

For more information contact Stephanie Chesmer in room 1514.