Debate Team Prepares for Upcoming Season


The debate team is a voluntary competitive team that promotes the learning of legal systems and provides a way to improve on communication skills. The members of the debate team are working hard this year and are debating important issues.

“We go to these tournaments and the event I do is a partner debate. You go against two other people and you debate a topic. You do that a couple times and sometimes it depends, Sometimes you’re competing against six or seven or even 30 people,” junior Jacee Sessions said.

They often compete against other teams in tournaments, so they prepare their arguments and write their court cases. This takes a lot of time and effort to execute.

“Usually I stay motivated by really just sitting down and getting to work. Once you really dive into a case, you really just get the feel for it and that really encourages you to do well,” sophomore Gregory Romney said.

Because of the time they take, writing court cases can feel overwhelming and daunting.  Being motivated has helped the team improve and become better at debating certain cases.

“I stay motivated because it’s fun. It’s a fun thing to me and it makes me happy and it’s exhilarating. And the rush you get and adrenaline, it’s awesome,” Sessions said.

Having come together, they are already supporting each other as teammates and work together well in their events. Although many compete in different categories, they still find ways strengthen each other and assist in the cases they are arguing.

“I feel like our team has come together because we have really great chemistry. And basically every event or everything we do, we look to each other to get advice. I feel like that really makes us compete better and become even more better friends,” Romney said.