Boundaries Decided by Local Government

Bentley Holley


Brock Saxey and Jaedon Johnson

Davis High is bound to experience some significant differences with the institution of a new school: Farmington High School for the 2018-2019 school year.


“Mayor Hyatt did send a letter encouraging the decision to please don’t divide up Kaysville,” Kaysville mayor-elect Katie Witt said.


Although there was push from local government to keep Kaysville as one unified high school boundary, the motion was overruled in favor of pulling a significant portion of several surrounding school’s students.


“[We need] a lot of great efforts on the part of citizens, parents and students to try to get a good solution for the boundaries,” Witt said.


So although many of us may look to elected officials to help us in our efforts, the most impact will surely come from the individual, passionate citizens.


“The influence of the elected officials is probably less important than the influence individual families that are being impacted,” Witt said.


While the boundaries are fairly final at the moment, this does not mean that the power does not still rest in the hands of people of Kaysville to ensure the best future for our students.