Rumors Regarding Farmington High Are Dispelled

Zach Hughes


Ever since the start of Farmington High controversy has run rampant. From issues with boundaries to deciding the mascot, there has been lots of grief. Throughout all of these issues rumors have developed.

A rumor is defined as “A currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.” It is difficult to decipher the truth throughout all of the lies and rumors.

There were lots of concerns about the boundaries of Farmington High. In the beginning there were lots of rumors concerning who will be going where, and people were not happy. Luckily through much research and deliberation an official boundary outline was released, ending the issues.

Another circulating rumor had to deal with the decision of what mascot to use. There were lots of concerns with whether they were using the Phoenix or the Farmer. Lots of people had issues with the name Phoenix but all of the rumors and confusion were dispelled.

Rumors spread like disease but there are always ways to find out what is truth and what is phony.