Student Artist Discusses Pastime

Ryan Ripplinger


As students go through high school, they develop relationships with friends at school but many don’t know about the passions that their friends practice outside of school, like hidden talents. These talents take a lot of time and practice, and normally students have been doing their passions outside of school since a young age.


“I’ve been drawing since like I could hold a pencil, probably,” senior Fran Simpson said.


While these hidden passions don’t have a major effect on their daily school life, students often have a desire to pursue their interests in college, hoping to one day make a living out of what is currently like a side job.


“I’m going to UVU in the fall and they have a really good graphic design program there so im gonna get my bachelor in fine arts and they have like typography, calligraphy classes and then like architecture and fashion design,” Simpson said. “my dream is to be like a fashion illustrator, that would be so cool”


For many people, these talents become automatic and they don’t have to think about the details of what they are doing. With much practice, it becomes more than easy to do the tasks that might be hard for others to do. Artists have to be very patient with their work so they can do a detailed job.


“It depends, I go through moods like I’ll have a week that I do it everyday for like 5 hrs a day but then another week i’m like I don’t even wanna look at like a piece of paper like it just depends.” Simpson said.


Despite how hard it can be to focus on a project for extended periods of time, they can be motivated by commissioned projects or taking a break from a particular project.

“I started painting my house when I was 12. It’s huge, my house is really really old, I don’t know I just really love my house.” Simpson said.


Having hobbies and talents to perfect outside of students keeps them busy and active in life, and has shown other positive effects on students especially, even if their talents aren’t recognized by the public.